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Alternative Medicine Magazine – A Learning Experience for the Holistic Minded


Alternative Medicine Magazine has been around for many years, and has legions of fans who eagerly look forward to each month’s issue. One of the few publications on the market that covers the subject of natural healing, the magazine features articles on both timely and timeless subjects which enables its readers to learn about both alternative and complementary medicine in an interesting and fun manner.

Some of the subjects in Alternative Medicine Magazine include the requisite vitamin and herbal supplements and how to choose them, holistic care, and the basics of aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, Chinese medicine. The mind and body connection and how important it is to stay emotionally as well as physically balanced are featured frequently, along with spiritual healing, self care, ecology, natural pet care, food and healing, and more.

Also, Alternative Medicine Magazine has a very interesting web site. The most compelling section of the site is the “Condition Center”. Here, all sorts of health matters are discussed. The entire lifespan of the magazine has been spent in building a collection of research and opinion articles that discuss most health conditions and how to approach them from an alternative medicine standpoint.

Enhanced by a journalistic staff of excellence, Alternative Medicine Magazine appeals to a broad range of people, not all of them necessarily of the natural healing persuasion. Its layout and photography compliment the many features which discuss all aspects of balanced, healthy living. The information between the slick covers of the magazine has been a trusted source for many who seek a balanced lifestyle. The editorial staff has worked very hard to bring this type of information to the public who has become hungry for it.

Over the years, natural health solutions became more than just a fad. They became a way of life for millions of people, with more added to the ranks as it became common knowledge that the holistic lifestyle was a viable option. People enjoyed educating themselves with the thought provoking articles included in Alternative Medicine Magazine. The recipes shine! It is not often that you can find recipes that are actually for fertility, or a diet plan that tackles inflammation, but this magazine has them.

If you are a pet lover and want the best for your pet, you’ll adore this magazine. Articles abound on all subjects pet, and you can even send questions in to a knowledgeable natural vet for inclusion in the next month’s issue.

Alternative Medicine Magazine recently changed its name to a title that more accurately reflected the image that the magazine wanted to portray to the world. There are no plans to change the fantastic content, though. The name seems to suit the magazine better. If you thought you could never improve upon perfection, take a good look at the newly-renamed magazine that keeps America up to date on the natural side of things!

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